Jeffrey Dains
Lauderdale City Council

A former Mayor of Lauderdale now serving as Lauderdale City Council member

To reach Jeff, call (651) 645-7068 or email

My Pledge

I believe our citizens need to have confidence that their government is working for them, knowing that their officials are cooperating to get the job done efficiently and are always striving to watch that tax dollars are spent wisely. I pledge to work hard and make sure that the City government is working effectively for our citizens.

Jeffrey Dains smiling and giving a big thumbs up while wearing his Lauderdale Minnesota T-Shirt

My life in Lauderdale:

Lauderdale offers the best of small town living with all of the big city amenities nearby. This was a big factor in our move here in 1986. Lauderdale was just the place for my spouse Anna and I to raise our two children. My enthusiasm for Lauderdale has grown with each passing year. I have always been committed to preserving our small town feeling as we continue to be a successful, thriving community.

Increased vision loss caused me to step down as Mayor. But my love for the City and deep interest in City government has led me to remain in a City Council position. Now I dedicate much of my Council time to committees that benefit the City.

Committee and Board Memberships


  • Vice-Chair
    Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO)
  • Representative
    Metropolitan Council Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee


  • City Representative
    League of Minnesota Cities
  • City Representative
    Ramsey County League of Local Government
  • City Representative
    North Suburban Cable Commission
  • City Representative
    St. Paul Regional Water Board

Career Experience

  • Staff representative
    American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
  • Representative
    St. Paul Regional Labor Federation
Everyone gathered on the street for National Night to Unite
National Night to Unite

During my time in Office:

My Goals for the City

Jeff at the Lauderdale Nature Area enjoying bird watching
Lauderdale Nature Area

Green Sustainability:

  • Preserve and increase green spaces and parks, which will help diminish the impact of climate change and create cleaner air for us all.
  • Expand environmental programs to include recycling more materials.
  • Safeguard our water quality in my role as member of the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization.
 Jeffrey Dains kneeling next to a section of damaged road on Eustis Street
Condition of Eustis Street from Larpenteur to Como

Lifestyle Sustainability:

We have finished construction of all the roads in Lauderdale. But as you can see in the photo we have one remaining problem area: Eustis Street from Larpenteur to Como Avenue. This is a county-owned road! My goal is to pressure the County to fix the road and create a safe walkway and bicycle lane.

I will continue to foster the expansion of the tax base by encouraging development that offers the best quality of life for our residents. One area is the Larpenteur/Eustis corridor. Another is the former school site, which needs to have a design that fits in with the neighborhood. The City Council is looking at senior housing for this project in response to residents’ interest in aging in place here in Lauderdale.

In my role as a member of the Metropolitan Council Transportation Accessibility Committee I am working on expanding bus service to our community.

Jeff dressed up for a Halloween party at Lauderdale City Hall
Halloween Party at Lauderdale City Hall

Social Sustainability:

I will continue to support our volunteers’ efforts to organize community events. We must ensure that all residents are included in our City’s events, particularly new residents.

I will continue to support our Neighborhood Watch Groups and encourage increasing the number of block parties for National Night to Unite.

Jeff posing in front of a fire truck at Saint Paul Fire Department station number 23
SPFD Station No. 23 on Como Avenue

Public Safety Sustainability:

Fire Department

Recent events have caused the City Council to evaluate our long-standing contract with the Falcon Heights Fire Department. The St. Paul Fire Department should provide us with improved fire and safety services. SPFD is one of the best-trained and best-staffed fire departments in the state of Minnesota. The Council has taken steps to contract with the SPFD. Its Como Avenue station is close to the City of Lauderdale. I look forward to working with the new fire department in the coming years.


Policing and police reform are subjects of great importance to everyone. Our City is served by the St. Anthony Police Department. I believe they serve us well and we have a good working relationship with them. Four years ago we established the Tri-City Police Working Group comprised of residents, city officials and police which initiated the use of body cameras and collaborative reform around Department of Justice recommendations for police forces.

The recent horrific killing of George Floyd has led elected officials to look at further necessary police reforms. I support Attorney General Keith Ellison's recommendations regarding police-involved deadly force encounters. I believe there is an urgency to adopt all of his 28 recommendations and 33 action steps. The MN Legislature's adoption of the Police Accountability Act is a step in the right direction. We need to support more legislation proposed by the People of Color and Indigenous Caucus. These actions would put a stop to systemic racism and racial profiling by police. I also support the Minnesota House of Representatives proposals for state-wide police reform.

Ensuring public safety is one of the primary functions of the City Council. Our goal is to offer the best public services to our residents. I will continue to make this our most important priority.